MF230T Earth-Tester

MF230T Earth-Tester

MF230T is a device for measuring resistance using currents with frequencies of 2 kHz and 30 kHz. It allows to perform earth resistance measurements using potential fall technique, and soil resistivity applying the Wenner and Schlumberger techniques, according to the IEEE Std. 81-2012 standard.


  • Low and high frequency resistance measurement.
  • 7-inch color LCD touch screen.
  • IP 67 (closed).
  • Application to operate from mobile phone or tablet.
  • Geo-location with GPS.
  • Auto range measurement scale.
  • Short-circuit protection between current terminals E and H.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • For each load it allows to carry out more than 200 measurements.

Technical Specifications:

Physical Dimensions

  • Length 37.41 cm
  • Width 30.33 cm
  • Height 18.57 cm
  • Weight 6.5 kg

Measuring range: 1 Ω – 10 kΩ

Resolution: 0.01 Ω

Error: ±(1 Ω + 5% of the measured value)

Operating frequency

  • Low frequency: 2 kHz
  • High frequency: 30 kHz

Test signals:

  1. Maximum voltage: 800 V a.c.
  2. Maximum current: 800 mA

Inductive component compensation:

  1. Built-in capacitor bank.
  2. Maximum capacity: 512 nF Resolution: 1 nF
  • 8 VDC rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • WiFi connectivity allow to generate PDF reports and send it by email.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for handling from cell phone or tablet.
  • 4 GB memory



  • Earth-tester Bi-directional control using Bluetooth.
  • Multilanguage: Spanish, English and Portuguese.
  • Android operating system.
  • PDF measurement reports attaching corporative image, headers editing, calibration certificate and measurement photos.
  • Data tables and graphs visualization. Battery status of the Earth-tester. Contains help information: Earth-tester manual, version and developer.

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