"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Eistein

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Eistein

R&D+i units are systems oriented to work in an integrated way Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R&D+i) in projects / programs in order to strengthen productivity and competitiveness through creation or significant improvements of the company's products and / or services. The purpose of our R&D+I unit is to define: the mission, the objectives, the framework, the methodology and the action plan on each project. These guidelines promote high-valued engineering solutions to solve current needs and problems of the electricity sector, developing projects that are aligned with knowledge transfer to society, technology commerce, economic development, and technological diversification.


Development of custom electronic products

Design Thinking (innovation) and Scrum methodologies to obtain agile, effective and efficient solutions, from the idea to the implementation and verification of the prototype.

Electronics design trainings

Basic concepts, analysis and simulation of electrical circuits, design of electronic boards. Microcontroller’s programming.


MF230T Earth Tester

MF230T is a device for measuring resistance using currents with frequencies of 2 kHz and 30 kHz. It allows to perform earth resistance measurements using potential fall technique, and soil resistivity applying the Wenner and Schlumberger techniques, according to the IEEE Std. 81-2012 standard.
It implements remote operation from Android phones and tablets.

Variable current workbench from 0-1000 A a.c.

Ideal for optimizing current clamp calibration processes, allowing up to 5 instruments to be compared simultaneously against a previously calibrated reference standard.

Variable voltage workbench from 0-1000 V a.c.

Ideal for optimizing multimeter calibration processes (in voltage measurement mode) allowing up to 5 instruments to be compared simultaneously against a previously calibrated reference standard.


The Power Distribution Unit is designed to provide the greatest functionality in a compact space, it contains an energy measurement system for up to 10 users and monitoring of the contact states of each of the breakers that comprise it. Its configuration allows transformer maintenance without affecting the energy supply to users. Thanks to its communications module, it can be easily connected to a BMS system.


Since 1996, Demo Ingeniería Ltda., has been characterized as a consolidated company in the electrical sector, dedicated to the provision of services in Electrical Engineering area. His portfolio includes the acquisition, assimilation, and dissemination of national and international standards, applying appropriately electromagnetic compatibility concepts and technologies, especially in grounding systems, lightning protection, and electrical networks for electronic equipment.
Considering the experience of Demo Ingeniería Ltda., solving problems that arise every day in the electricity sector and, with the aim of strengthening and promoting technological capabilities to increases productivity and competitiveness of the organization, it was decided to create the R&D+i unit of the company; unit that aims to develop high-valued solutions that respond to the needs and challenges (internal and external) of the electricity sector.

Some experiences of Innovation & Development

Development of an instrument for measuring electrical variables in grounding systems: Grounding resistance and resistivity.

Type: Product Innovation

Inductance / Capacitance meter.

Type: Technological development

Electrical Network Certifier

Type: Technological development

Circuit Follower

Type: Technological development

Variable current and voltage workbench. 0 - 1000 V a.c. and 0 - 1000 A a.c.

Type: Technological development

Partner: External customer
Development of an integrated software and hardware solution for commissioning testing of electrical systems

Type: Technological development

Partners: SENA – Colombia Productiva