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About Us


Intending to offer our services, we introduce our company DEMO INGENIERIA LTDA. We are a limited society dedicated to provide electric ingeneering services. Our work includes acquisition, asimilation and exposure of national and international standards and documents that we present as a proper technology of wich our customers have benefited in electromagnetic compability, specially in grounding systems, beam protection and electrical grids for electronic devices; executing specific activities such as:

  • Audit
  • Automation
  • Consultancy
  • Diagnosis
  • Desing
  • Construcction
  • Supervision
  • Standardisation

Our Mission is to Apply the bases of a technology in the integral managing of the electrical systems, with the wish of making productive systems more efficient, increasing availability of operation of communication and electrical grids, essential elements in all sectors nowadays.

Our Vision: We project ourseleves in 2020 as a company in the Electical Sector, connected to the best interinstitutional and interpersonal chain of specialists united in harmony, under common objectives, in order to solve in an integral, efficient and quality way, projects that appear in need of companies and/ or people, inside the own alternatives of every region.

For the effective exercise of our activity, DEMO INGENIERIA has adopted te following Values as guiding elements of our management: Transparency, soundness, responsability, respect, loyalty, trust, equity and quality, which are a clear proof of the compromise with our people and milieu, but specially with our clients.

Corporative objetives:

  • To be part of standardisation process.
  • To create procedures for the acquisition, processing and analysis of information of the electrical systems and of telecommunications.
  • To structure viable projects that allow its execution with suitable costs and quantifiable benefits.
  • To execute projects with efficiency and efficacy.
  • To develop strategic Alliances with institutions and people highly specialized to shape project structuresTo strengthen the chain of collaboration, executing effectively the activities.


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